About Dr. Haely

Meet the Doctor

An Impressive Education:  "I enjoyed the privilege of attending the largest, most innovative chiropractic college in the country - Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  I graduated at the top of my class in March 2001, and was extremely involved in the Gonstead Technique Club.  I continue to study the Gonstead Technique through continuing education courses each year, in addition to the state-required continuing education.  A top-notch education enables me to provide you with a better quality of care."

The Gonstead Technique"I practice a highly specific technique of chiropractic invented by Dr. Clarence Gonstead in the mid-20th Century.  His approach was that many means of assessment should be used so that chiropractic adjustments are SPECIFIC to each patient.  Thus, I use a thermocouple scope (to measure temperature differences in the spinal area), thermography scan, spinal x-rays, motion palpation and many other simple tests to determine just where a patient has spinal or joint misalignment known as 'subluxation'."

Nutritional Counseling:  "I am a certified nutritional counselor and can help patients determine what nutrional changes they can make to help their recovery from injury."

My Mission:  "When I opened the doors to my practice in 2001, my goal was to help patients get relief from back, neck and joint pain without the use of drugs and surgery.  Through gentle, hands-only spinal adjustments, patients find relief from the pain caused by spinal misalignment or subluxation."







Ohio State Chiropractic Association

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Broadview Heights Chamber of Commerce